Senior Resources


If you are at a point in life where you need and want a change, Hasson "Seniors Real Estate Specialist", Larry Blackmar, is a natural fit to ensure a smooth transition.  Perhaps your needs and lifestyle have changed over time.  You may have given some thought to living where someone else is responsible while you can continue to enjoy life.  You may have health issues that concern you.  Maybe you can see assisted living in the future, but feel the whole process is overwhelming.

Larry has received special training to assist with evaluating your current situation and help you find the right path for your future. Many seniors want to stay in their home and Larry can show them various options to help them remain in place.  If the decision is made to transition to a senior community, Larry can recommend placement specialists to advise on the multitude of options.  He can also provide buying, selling, downsizing, and moving services for seniors looking for a soft landing. His mission is to enable his clients and their families to make decisions easily; and empower them to move gracefully to a new and carefree lifestyle. Larry has received special qualifications to help with the following questions:

  • Should I remain in my home?

  • Should I sell or rent my current home?

  • How do I downsize?

  • What do I do with a lifetime’s accumulation of things?

  • Which type of community will best meet my specific needs?

  • Is this the right decision and/or the right time?

  • Will this be my final move?

  • What will my new home/community be like?

Many senior clients may not have moved or sold a home in many years. The process can be overwhelming. Larry's cadre of resources is designed to gently assist clients and their families through this time-consuming and confusing process one step at a time. The resources are many, including senior care advocates, placement specialists, attorneys, accountants, moving advisors, estate sale experts and more.


Larry will be the resource for all related services, including:

  • Assessment of clients’ needs

  • Personalized attention to our clients and their families as they review the many housing options

  • Assistance with downsizing needs - what to keep, sell, dispose of, and/or donate

  • Selection of qualified senior advisors regarding possible housing options

  • Regular communication with his client’s and their service partners

  • Partners include:

• Legal Services - Elder Law

• Accountants

• Placement Advisors

• Financial Planning

• Moving, Packing and Organizing Services

• Antique Appraisers and Estate Sale Experts

• Reverse Mortgage Specialists

• Health Care Advisors

• Transportation Assistance

• Volunteer and Recreational Opportunities

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist (SRES) is dedicated to the care and well being of his senior clients.  Larry is committed to use his expertise and industry knowledge to provide an honest assessment of his client's circumstances and help them find the best solution.